Thursday, December 3, 2009 to Donate Calling Cards to Active Duty Troops

(BUSINESS WIRE)--While most of us look forward to spending the holidays at home with our families, our active duty U.S. troops stationed far from home don’t have that joy. So is trying to make it a little easier for them. The nation’s largest online Christmas gift-giving store powered by the newest Microsoft Silverlight 3 technology devoted a large interactive section of the site to honor our soldiers at Christmas, and is taking ten percent of its Christmas sale proceeds to purchase one of the most requested gifts by our soldiers – pre-paid calling cards – so they can phone home and stay connected with their families.

"Having calling cards allows us to stay in contact with our family and friends back home. This helps us to have peace of mind that they are okay," said Capt. Emma Phillips, U.S. Army Reserves Company Commander for the 724th Military Battalion in Fort Lauderdale. Her office will receive and help administer distribution of the pre-paid calling card donations.

“Our military men and women are willing to sacrifice everything all year round to keep our nation safe and strong,” said Jerrold Burden, creator of and Chairman of Fort Lauderdale-based Catalog Enterprises, Inc. “We wanted to do what we could to show them thanks.”

Burden, an Army veteran, designed part of the site to allow the public and online shoppers to view heartfelt Christmas videos, poems and photo albums of our troops overseas, send soldiers free e-cards directly from the site, get the latest news from Iraq and make donations to purchase more calling cards for troops. Visitors can also find links to organizations that assist veterans, honor the Fallen, and help children of fallen soldiers.

“We want to make America aware by embracing our troops this holiday season and sharing the memories, tears, heartache and heroism,” said Burden.

Catalog Enterprises was selected by Microsoft early this year as the fourth company in the nation to become a Microsoft Partner utilizing the new Silverlight 3 software to develop award-winning websites. The newly launched is among the first sites to show off this revolutionary technology in ways to delight visitors.

To first access, with it’s brand new Microsoft technology, visitors are offered a quick and free download that opens the door to an easy, user-friendly format they’ve probably never experienced. The site helps visitors choose the most popular and unique gifts at the lowest prices for every age and gender. It has more than 18,000 products to choose from, including those from dozens of affiliate retailers like Macy’s, Target, Radio Shack, Barnes & Noble and Walmart. Once a gift is found, customers can click again to find the current lowest price among the affiliate retailers for that item before making their purchase online.

“We worked hard to make a magical, mystical wonderland of holiday shopping all in one place by creating a truly unique and entertaining site for the whole family,” said Burden. Not only can you shop on the site, but also visitors can enjoy hours of free fun. You can play online Christmas games and Christmas music, have animated Christmas stories read to you and your children, watch classic cartoons, enjoy an online holiday recipe book, send letters to Santa and check his flight track on Norad, view photos of Manhattan’s most famous retail Christmas windows, check out Sears and Spiegel holiday catalog flipbooks from the 30s and 40s, and much more.

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