Monday, August 10, 2009

200,000 'I Served Stickers' Shipped to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans

/PRNewswire/ -- OBX, BB and HH are just a few of the beach-town stickers you've seen on car bumpers. And if Scott Kreger has his way, every veteran returning from duty in Iraq and Afghanistan will have free stickers bearing the abbreviation "IRQ" or "AFG" with the words "I Served" underneath.

"I hope that people will approach our courageous veterans and thank them for their service when they see the sticker," says Kreger, who created the concept. "I also see these stickers as a way for fellow veterans to identify and talk with each other. These connections could lead to networking opportunities, jobs and support in tough times."

About 40 volunteers stuffed 20,000 envelopes and packages on Saturday. The first wave of stickers will appear in towns across all 50 states and the U.S. territories, as well as the coalition troop countries, including Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.

"It's a small way to say thank you, but the response has been overwhelming," says Kreger. So far, he has received requests for about 200,000 stickers.

The project is funded entirely by private donations. Kreger has raised nearly $40,000 of the $100,000 he anticipates needing to cover printing and mailing for 1.5 million stickers to give to every soldier who has served or might serve in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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